The Services Covered By This Policy: 
1- Payment of Medical, Surgical And Poisoning Treatment Costs.

2- Transfer and Admission to The Nearest Hospital in Iran.

3- Repatriation of Minors to Their Respective Countries In The Event of Insured's Hospitalization or Death. The Services Subject To this policy shall be extended to the Insured, On The basis of The Annexed General Conditions, All Over the Territory of The Islamic Republic of Iran.

Should any of The services covered by this policy be required the insured, He/she be advised To contact the following centers of Bimeh Iran and let them know his/ her Name, Surname, Policy and Passport Numbers.

1-    Bimeh Iran, Health assistant call center (IRHA):

Tel: +982186718601        Fax: +982186717369        Email:

2-    Bimeh Iran, Tehran Ferdowsi Branch, Phone : +982166732558,66714488

3-      In the case of failure to contact or receive due service from Bimeh Iran's Premedical Branches, please report the incident t Bimeh Iran, Fax: +982186717369 for subsequent actions.