Training in insurance company


From early years of Iran insurance co.  Foundation bimeh Iran had deep understanding of the development of human resources.

Since the beginning of its activities in the years 1937, 1938 decided to grant scholarships to some university students and personnel.

From the early years of the company's activities, many courses were held different fields, such as insurance, law, English and French language, and math in order to reinforce personnel knowledge and skill.

Especially in recent years with the backing of the respected managing director and board of members training of human resources has been utmost importance and considerable measures have been taken.


Training and development of Iran insurance company

This center defined under the budget and planning deputy organizational chart and manage all activities related to the education and development of human resources and sales network across the country.



-continuing education and training skillful personnel

-provide technical expertise in insurance related fields and tailored to the educational needs of personnel and sales network.

-training basic knowledge and skills tailored to staff and managers.

-presence in the production and publishing of technical knowledge.


Training and development activates

-training needs assessment for training courses required.

-design and develop training courses in educational calendar.

-organizing general and web base courses for applicant who apply for Iran insurance co. reprehensive.

-support for publishing translating and authoring books.

-updates library and its equipment.