Iran Insurance Co. (Bimeh Iran) Automobile covers generally compensate for the losses resulting from driving accidents incurred on the vehicles and its passengers and third parties. 
1. Auto Third Party Insurance: 
• Financial (Material )Damages 
• Physical Damages (Death, physical defect or disability and medical expenses) 

2. Auto Passenger Insurance: 
• Death, physical defect, medical expenses (On passengers of the insured vehicle) 

3. Vehicle Insurance:
• Damages on the insured vehicle caused by: 
• Fire 
• Accident 
• Theft 
• Collision 
• Overturning 

Some important allied Auto risks are as following: 
• Theft of vehicle's parts 
• Breakage of glass 
• Out of service coverage 
• Price fluctuation 
• Natural disasters 
• Damage caused by chemical materials