Liability & Special Insurance
Iran Insurance Co. (Bimeh Iran) offers liability coverage besides two other main branches of Property and Personal insurances in the market. Almost all kinds of liability risks presumable to the insured or third party resulting in financial and/or bodily compensations have been included: 

1. Professional Liability Insurances for: 
• Physicians 
• Medical Centre Owners or Managers 
• Nurses and Medical Technicians 
• Engineers 
• Lawyers 
• Auditors & Registration Officers 
• Production & Services Quality Inspectors 
• Insurance Agents & Brokers 
• Agriculture Supervisors 
• Hunters 
• Rangers & Environment Protectors 

2. Employer's Liability for Employees 

3. Liability of Producers and Sellers of Product

4. Contractual Liability Insurance 

• International Carriers and Forwarders Convention Liability 
• Sea, Air, Rail and Land Transit Companies Liability 
• Combined Carriage (F.B.L) Companies Liability 
• Liability of Tenant as against Landowner 
• Liability of Contractors for the Project Owner according to the contract wording. 

5. General Liability Policies (GL)

6. Comprehensive Liability General Insurance (CGL)

Iran Insurance Company manages to issue special plans insurance policies as well, including the following and the like: 
• Credit Insurance Certificates
• Race Horse Insurance 
• Computer Insurance 
• Political Risks Insurance 
• Pet Insurance 
• Fidelity Guarantee Insurance 
• Industrial Animal Farming Insurance