Iran Insurance Co (Bimeh Iran) believes that, the object of fire insurance is compensating from financial and material losses on wealth and property of people, by fire, flood, explosion, earthquake, storm, volcano, lightning, and many other allied risks. 

Types of Fire Insurance 
• Residential units
 • Non-industrial centers 
• Industrial centers 

1. Residential units
 • Public plan fire insurance
 • Home and family comprehensive fire insurance
 • Ordinary home fire insurance policy 
• Fire insurance policy for homes with flood and earthquake coverage 
• Mehr fire insurance policy plan

 2. Non-industrial centers
• General non-industrial units

• Comprehensive shops and retailers units
 Cover the following: 

o Commercial stores 
o Repair shops
o Hospitals 
o Public places 
o Office buildings 
o Real estate agencies
o Educational institutes 
o Medical centers 
30Industrial centers 
• General industries fire insurance 
• Special plans for industrial units including: 
o Machinery breakdown cover 
o Business interruption o All risk property policy 
o Industrial comprehensive policy